Monday, May 26, 2014

Sajeeb's attack on Prothom Alo

In case you missed it, last week Sajeeb Wajed, the Bangladesh prime minister’s son, laid into the country’s most popular newspaper, Prothom Alo. He stated:
"I am shocked that Prothom Alo, our largest Bengali newspaper, referred to our War of Liberation as an India-Pakistan war. By doing so they have insulted the memories of 3 million martyrs who were brutally murdered during the war. I consider this a heinous offence and those responsible must be sacked immediately.

It, however, does not surprise me. If you will recall, during the military regime from 2007-2008 Prothom Alo quite openly backed the dictatorship. They have proven time and again that they do not believe in democracy.

Now they have proven that they do not even believe in Bangladesh. Let us boycott Prothom Alo and send them a message. We will oppose anyone who does not support Bangladesh.”
On the most flimsy grounds, Sajeeb seeks to portray as ‘anti-national’ the country’s most popular, professionally run and independently minded newspaper.