Wednesday, September 9, 2015

IRI poll: Too good to be true?

Simply put, the results of the recent opinion poll undertaken by Nielsen Bangladesh for the International Republican Institute (IRI) could barely be better for the Awami League - and could hardly be worse for the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party. Consistently, across all questions, the AL government does well, and far better than the BNP.

The poll was taken between the 23 May and 10 June, and involved questioning  2550 randomly selected respondents above the age of 18. Here are the key results.

- 60% of people 'like' the Awami League, compared to 29% who do not (only 42% like the BNP, with a higher percentage, 46%, disliking it) 
- 67% of people 'approve' of the job being done by the prime minister. Only 26% disapproved. 
- 66 % of people  'approve' of the job being done by the government. Only 29% disapproved.