Saturday, December 6, 2014

19 opposition activists disappeared in Dhaka, over 2 weeks

Over the last week, the New Age newspaper has published a series of articles investigating the abduction of 19 Dhaka based opposition activists of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, in a two week period at the end of 2013.

All these abductions took place between 28 November and 11 December. None of these men have been returned.

The New Age reports investigate each incidents and sets out eye-witness testimony which support the allegation that all these men were abducted by law enforcement agencies.

These disappearances are only a relatively small fraction of the total disappearances that have taken place in Bangladesh - but these are remarkable in that they are all opposition political activists/supporters, all have been taken from a single city, and all have been taken in a short period of time.

The final article is important. The law minister says that he will investigate these incidents. It is an important commitment, but whether it will be kept is another matter. Lets see

Below are the links to each of these articles: First, on the New Age website, and Secondly, at the bottom of the page, on this blog (if the New Age website articles do not load)
1.    Introductory Article        
       Picked up a year ago, they are yet to return 
2.    Five men picked up on the 28 November 2013 outside Dhaka Central Jail   
       How it all began    
3.   Four men picked upon on 2 December 2013 in Shahbag       
      Birthday parties that did not take place
4.   Six men picked up on 4 December 2013 at Bashundara Residential Area  
      They picked up 6 at Bashundara and drove off
5.   Two men picked on 5 December 2013 morning from Shahinbagh       
      Two picked up but promise to return not kept
6.  Two men picked up on 6 December 2013 from Mollatek      
      2 taken from area close to airport
7.  Two men picked on late night of 7th December 2013 from Sonargaon      
     An unexpected end to a weekend in Sonargaon 
8.   1 man picked up on 11 Dec from Mirpur       
      Last abduction taken from family home 
9.   Human Rights organizations condemn enforced disappearances       
      Rights groups decry disappearances 
10. Law minister agrees to investigate these disappearances       
      I will investigate allegation about 19 disappearances: Law minister

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  1. Any news on Iliyas Ali! He was abducted too from Banani in broad daylight! There has been a lot of hue and cry in the media, then everybody seems to have forgotten about it! Even opposition parties stop talking about them after sometime! Why so!