Sunday, December 23, 2018

Election 2018: A disgrace of a website

On the very same day that Facebook exposed the Bangladesh government over fake news, another of its websites, Banglainsider has published a totally fictional and defamatory story about me. And yesterday the website published yet another one.

One can only wonder how desperate the Awami League government must be right now if it feels a need to get its hired hands to publish these kinds of stories which have no basis at all in fact.

The website starting publishing totally false and fictional information about me on 5 December, in an article which mainly contained a series of false and defamatory claims about my father-in-law, Dr Kamal Hossain. The article claimed that I was acting as a financial intermediary between him and Tareq Rahman, the BNP politician who was providing me a daily amount of one crore taka!

There is of course no basis in fact in this claim. It is just total fiction.

On 20 December, it published a further article with a cock and bull story claiming that Tarique Rehman purchased a house for Dr Kamal Hossain "a luxurious house in London’s first-class area Kennington ... located at Palace Garden’s W8 road," and that I have "been living in the house since October."

This is of course again totally false. Dr Kamal Hossain has not purchased any house in London, nor has any house been purchased for him and I am living in my own house in a completely different area of London. The article contains a series of other totally fictional claims about Dr Kamal Hossain.

The most recent article was published on 22 December which - completely bizarrely - claimed that I am the "new guru of Tarique Rahman", that I "established the contact between Tarique Rahman and the progeny of the war criminals" and that "Tarique is doing the things as David Bergman is asking him to do."

For the record: I have never met, spoken or corresponded in any way with Tarique Rahman, and I have not put him in contact with any other person of any kind. I have no relationship with Tareq Rahman and never received any money from him or from the BNP or any other political party in Bangladesh.

Websites like Bangladesh Insider - it is not the only one - can only continue to exist as they spew out material at the Bangladesh government's behest. If they existed in any jurisdiction with a hint of due process, they would be forced to close down by the courts or bankrupt after paying damages in compensation for defaming people like me and other members of my family.

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