Sunday, April 19, 2015

index of material on Salah Uddin 'disappearance'

Hasina Ahmed, wife of Salah Uddin
Below is an index of the material contained on this blog about the disappearance of Salah Uddin.

It is divided into two parts. First the journalism on the evidence about what happened to the BNP leader.

Secondly, the material on the Habeas corpus writ filed by his wife.

Key journalism on abduction by law enforcers
1. Summary of the evidence **** (read this article first)
2. Interview with caretaker of building where Salah Uddin picked up (New Age) 
3. Interview with caretaker of building where Salah Uddin picked up (Prothom Alo, translation) 
4. Interviews with security officers and residents in area where Salah Uddin picked up (New Age) 
5. Article on how three employees of Salah Uddin were arrested by RAB on 8 March, three days before Salah Uddin was picked up, and how on the same day, the flat where Salah Uddin had earlier been staying was raided and the cook was arrested
6. Article on the raid on First Security Islami Bank on 8 March, and how the bank provides crucial link between a sequence of raids and arrests by RAB that finally resulted in the BNP politician being picked up, just over 48 hours later on 10 March, from a flat in Uttara where one of the bank’s deputy managing directors lived. (New Age)
7. 'Two stories to help understanding Salah Uddin's Disappearance' (New Age op-ed)
      - ICT witness alleges state abduction (May 2013)
      - 19 BNP activists disappeared in Dhaka over 2 week period  (Dec 2014)

Habeas Corpus writ
This is a writ filed in the High Court by the family of Salah Uddin
1. Habeas Corpus application for recovery of Salah Uddin and order of the court 
2. Supplementary application from Salah Uddin's wife  
3. Response from Government and law enforcement bodies
4. Annex to government response: Uttara police station's "General Diaries" 
5. Further annexes to government response: Correspondence of law enforcing authorities
6. Response of Salah Uddin's wife to government 
7. Further application by Salah Uddin's wife seeking judicial inquiry body

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