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Salah Uddin habeas writ: Correspondence from law enforcement


Here is the correspondence filed as annexes to the government's response to the High Court's order of 15 March relating to the alleged state abduction of BNP leader, Salah Uddin Ahmed. The order asked the respondents to 'show cause as to why they should not be directed to find out and bring up the husband of the petitioner, namely, Salauddin Ahmed before the court.' The other annexes can be found here. These documents were read out in court by the Attorney General.

Other documents relating to the habeas corpus writ can be found from the Index above

Annex 3
Letter dated: 12/3/2015

Addressed to: Deputy/Additional Police Commissioner (of Ramna/ Tejgaon/ Lalabagh/ Mirpur/ Gulshan/ Uttara/ Motijeel/Wari/DB north/DB South/DB East/DB West)
Subject: Missing BNP leader Salauddin Ahmed.

Reference: Uttara West Thana, GD no 634. Date 11.3.2015, and GD no 687, date 12.3.2015
About the above mentioned issue, there was an article in Daily Manob Jobin on 12.3.2015, ‘Family Claims that arrest of Salaudduaddin, RAB police denies’ 
There was a GD filed in Uttara West Thana – GD 634 - and under this situation you are asked to find out missing BNP leader Salauddin Ahmed, and if someone illegally abducted him, take lawful action against them. 
Signed: Joyta Shilpi.
BP no 77081216208
Senior Assistant Police Commissioner (Legal Affairs) on behalf of the commissioner, DMP

Annex 4
Letter dated 13 March, ‘Very important’

Addressed to: Additional IG, SB, Bangladesh Police, Addt IG, CID, Dir Gen RAB, Police commissioner 

Subject – Taking necessary actions on Crim Misc case no 9932/2014
On the above mentioned subject, we are sending along a copy of the court notice sent against a case by Hasina Ahmed, wife of Salah Uddin Ahmed, ho X, rd Y, Gulsan 2, filed a case in the Supreme Court of the High Court 
We are requesting you to send a report about whether they have in their custody Hasina Ahmed’s husband, Salauddin Ahmed by 14.3.2015, before 11 am at the police HQ to oblige with the court order against the case, and we have to replly on behalf of the IGP to the court, please send a report if you have any information. 
Attachment: court notice 
Signed by Joyashree Samadar, Legal officer, police HQ, Dhaka
Annex 5
Letter dated 13 March 2015

Addressed to: Deputy/Additional Police Commissioner of Ramna/ Tejgaon/ Lalabagh/
Mirpur/Gulshan/Uttara/Motijeel/Wari/DB north/South/East/West

Subject: To reply to the show casue of hon supreme court, high court division, case no 9932/2015
We are sending a court order case no 9932 along with a new clipping of Manob Jobin on 12.3.2015, ‘Family Claims that arrest of Salaudduaddin, RAB police denies’.  In the court order the Hon court issued a show casuse to find Mr Salah Uddin to bring him before the court. The office reference to this is XXXX. So the offices are instructed to take necessary steps to find out arrested/abducted BNP leader Salauddin Ahmed and present him to the court,
Signed: Joyta Shilpi.
BP no 77081216208
Senior Assistant Police Commissioner (Legal Affairs) on behalf of the commissioner, DMP
Annex 6
Letter dated 14 March, 2015

To: director legal and media wing, RAB forces HQ.
Subject: taking necessary action on criminal misc 9932/2015
Reference (previous two letters from Joyta, about Salah Uddin). According to [letter about the court order] we are informing you that the husband of Hasina Ahmed, Salauddin Ahmed is not under RAB custody. 
KM Azad, Lieut Col, Director of Operations on behalf of DG
Annex 7
Letter dated 14 March 2015

To Joyshree Samada, Legal officer, police HQ
Subject: taking action on the court order of criminal misc case no 9932
About the above mentioned issue, we are informing you that Salah Uddin Ahmed, husband of Hasina Ahmed, was not under the custody of special branch of police. 
The Special Branch is also not aware of his whereabouts. The officers were instructed to find any information about him, and we are trying to get results 
Signed: Pankaj Bhattacharya, Special police super (TIF), on behalf of Additial IGP, SB, Bangladesh police
Annex 8
Dated: 14 March 2015
To: Attorney General, Bangladesh Supreme court

Subject: About taking necessary steps on crim misc case 9932
Ref: Supreme court of the high court division order dated 12.3.2015
We want to inform you about this reference and this order we are submitting a compliance report 
We received the court order of this issue on 12.3.2015. In that order the hon court ordered Bangladesh police to find petitioner Mrs Hasina Ahmed’s husband Salah Uddin Ahmed, and to present him to the court by 15.3.2014, by 10.30 am 
In that case, CID was made no 5 respondent so in response to the honorable court, we are informing you on behalf of the CID that Salah Uddin was not taken under the custody of CID and there is no pending cases against him. 
Sheikh Himayat Hossain
Additiional insp gen, Bang police

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