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Salah Uddin habeas writ - police general diaries


These are unofficial translation of the two General Diaries that were submitted to the High Court as part of the government's response to the Habeas Corpus writ seeking the return of BNP leader Salah Uddin Ahmed. They were written by the officer in charge of Uttara West Police Station. They were read out in court during the proceedings.

Other documents relating to the habeas corpus writ can be found from the Index above

GD No/634. Note related to missing BNP leader Salah Uddin Ahmed and officer going out for investigation, 11. 3. 2015

I the officer in charge, Md Rafiqul Islam, Uttara West thana is filing this diary stating that on 11.3.2015 at 10.45 pm, Hasina Ahmed, the wife of the BNP’s joint general secretary Mr Salauddin Ahmed, along with 20 to 25 journalists came to the police station and verbally alleged that her husband was abducted by plain clothes men who claimed to be people of the law enforcement on 10.3.2015, at around 9 to 10 pm, from Sector 3, Road 13b, House 49b, Uttara. After some time she talked with some unknown persons on the mobile phone and said that he was taken from the second floor of the said house. I would like to mention that for filing a GD she did not bring any written application with her. Whilst asked if she was present on the scene or could present someone who was present at the scene, she replied that she did not live in that house and also cannot present someone who was at the scene. At one point she said that someone from Dubai called her and informed her about this incident.
When asked why she did not inform the law enforcing agencies about her husband being missing for more than 24 hours she could not give a proper answer to that. I would like to mention that the house concerned is not the house of Salah Uddin Ahmed. There is also no record that he lived in that house before. As the matter was sensitive I proposed that I and Mrs Salah Uddin should go to the scene and visit the place, but she refused, and went to the road in front of the police station along with the journalists. She left the police station without filing any written allegation. I am filing this diary for future records and I will be heading to the scene to find the facts about the allegation. The responsibility of the police station will be given to Monir Kabir, an investigation officer.
GD 687. The return of officer in charge and note of investigation

I Md Rafiqual Islam, officer in charge Uttrara West Thana, after undertaking primary investigation of note no 634, date 11. 3.2015, I am filing this note to say the house on sector 3. road 13b, Ho 49b , belonged to late Dr Shirajudullah and on behalf of his daughter the maintenance and rental service of the house was provided by some Reza, who lives in Dhanamndi (mob no xxxx), the house is not under CCTV surveillance. On the ground floor, there is a garage at the west side. The east side flat, is rented to some Ahsan who has a go-down of Cadbury chocolate. His delivery man, Saiful (Mob no xxx) lives in that flat. On the East Side, second floor a university teacher, Dr Sukhanto Karim, (Mob no xxx)  At the west side second floor lives the DMD of First Security Bank, Mr Habib Hasanat (Mob no xxx) and his wife Sumona (Mob no xxx)  The East side of third floor lives Textile engineer Khsorul Jewel (Mob no xxx)  and along with his wife and two children. The west side of the third floor lives Rtd Major Hasib (Mob no xxx)  He works in the Nestle company as a manager.  
There are two guards in the house. Amongst them Ashraful is working for nearly two years and Akhter for two months.  We found the West Side flat of second floor locked. The rest of the people are living in their flats. The guard Akhter said that the tenant of west side second floor, Habib Hasnat left the house with his wife four days back. Whilst leaving they left a male guest called Raihan. Hasnat told the guards that this guest will live there until he returns. Akhter also said that it was normal for the tenants to come and go until about 11 at night. So at 10.3.2015 around 9 pm, around 4 to 5 people came to Hasnat’s flat with a car. The people stayed there for half an hour. After that the male guest living in Hasnat’s flat went with the people in the car. He was not sure whether this man was Salauddin. The people came to house but their clothes did not indicate that they were from the Law enforcement authorities. They were also not carrying any weapon. The vehicle also did not look like a law enforcing vehicle. He also did not see any handcuffs on the guest. He apparently did not see any sign that he was taken by the people forcefully. The other tenants of the house also said that they had no information about law enforcing agencies picking someone from this house. Also, they did not know that Habib Hasnat had left the house and there was a guest living in this place, but they said that the cars of Habib’s family, two or three cars, is not in the garage for a few days. To find out the facts I tried to track Habib Hasnat and his wife. I learned that Habib Hasnat had taken leave from his office, the bank and Shomona is not at her father’s house at house 16B road no 9b, sector 5. I would also like to mention that this is the second marriage for both of them. They both have children in the first marriage but they have not been in contact with them. The mobile of the couple were switched off. So, in the circumstances, there is no way to show that Salah Uddin Ahmed was staying in that house or that he was arrested or abducted by someone. I am filing this note to inform the issue to the authorities for future reference, and receive the responsibility of the station form Monir Kabir.

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