Saturday, April 18, 2015

Salah Uddin disappearance - Prothom Alo interview of caretaker


This is a translated extract from an interview with the caretaker of the building where the BNP leader Salah Uddin Ahmed was picked up, allegedly by law enforcement authorities, published in Prothom Alo on 13 March 2015. A more extended interview was carried in New Age. To read other evidence supporting the allegation that Salah Uddin was picked up by law enforcing authorities can be found in the Index above.
"The security guard Akhter Islam yesterday said that on Tuesday at 9.15 at night, a number of vehicles and men came to the house. There were three cars standing outside the house. After some time, at about 10 pm they came in and said that "we are from DB. No problem.’ And so some of them came inside the house and Akhter said ‘Why have you come here’, and they replied, ‘You will learn about that later.’  
Akhter said that at that time, two of the men slapped him and he saw a gun with them and he was scared. So they asked Akhter to sit quiet and they went to the second floor. Akhter said, ‘Probably it was the maid that opened the door. The men were there for about 20 or 25 minutes. When they were coming down, he (Saladuddin) was blindfolded and two of them were holding him each side.’ Then they took him in  amicrobus and left. 
Akhter also said that 4 days before the arrests, the tenant of the second floor brought Salauddin as a guest. They left the flat leaving Salauddin there. After the police took Salauddin, the maid also did not show up. 
Another security guard from another building; said: ‘At around 9.15 pm that night, 4 people came to him and asked him about the house number. So he showed them the house. Two of those men were carrying arms." He thought they were from the police or the RAB."

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