Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Further international statements on election

Further statements have been issued by different countries on the Bangladesh election. I have already published ones from US, UK, Canada, India, Commonwealth and the UN.

Here are the ones from Germany, France and Australia.

The Australian one was quite strong stating that 'the government and the opposition must take up their shared responsibility to hold a new, fully contested and transparent election as soon as possible'. Germany also called for 'inclusive, peaceful and credible democratic elections' though did not say anything about timing. And France gave probably the weakest statement out of all of them, simply calling for dialogue

The Federal Government has noted with regret the circumstances surrounding the parliamentary elections in Bangladesh. These elections are an extremely poor reflection of the electorate’s will.
The number of people killed or injured during the campaign and on the election day itself is appallingly high. We condemn the violence that surrounded the elections and call upon all political forces to refrain from any form of violence and intimidation, especially against religious minorities.
The Federal Government urges the Bangladesh Government and all political parties to overcome their differences in the interest of the country and to work together to bring about inclusive, peaceful and credible democratic elections.
The declaration made by the spokesperson of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday on the parliamentary elections in Bangladesh as below:

France is closely monitoring the situation in Bangladesh, following the holding of elections marked by violence and a very low voter turnout.

We call on all parties to demonstrate calm and restraint and encourage the main political forces to resume dialogue within the framework of the country’s democratic institutions.
Australian Government calls for new election in Bangladesh
Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop has expressed deep concern at the ongoing violence and political discord which marred the election in Bangladesh held on 5 January. 
It has been reported that both the Awami League government and the opposition coalition led by the Bangladesh National Party contributed to the unstable political conditions.
While the elections were constitutionally valid, less than half the parliamentary seats were contested and voter turnout was low. 
The Australian Government condemns the attacks against minorities, and calls on all sides to end the political violence. 
It is vital that the people of Bangladesh are able to express their democratic will and exercise real choice. 
The government and the opposition must take up their shared responsibility to hold a new, fully contested and transparent election as soon as possible.

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