Saturday, January 11, 2014

Russia: Bangladesh government is the will of the voters

The ministry of Foreign affairs of the Russian Federation joins India in issuing a supportive statement to the Bangladesh government - 
It is regrettable that the voting was put under boycott by main opposition forces of the country. 
Russia confirms its readiness to continue constructive partner cooperation with the government which will be formed on the basis of the will of the Bangladeshi voters. 
At the same time, we hope that the authorities and the opposition will not overstep the boundaries of the constitutional field to ensure internal political stability and strengthen the democratic institutes of friendly Bangladesh.

I think the first line is fine - it is  not unreasonable to criticise the BNP's lack of cooperation. But the last party of the second paragraph is pretty amazing. To say that 'the government ..will be formed on the basis of the will of the Bangladeshi voters' is a huge distortion of the truth - since as we know there was no election in over half of the seats. However, we know that the Russian Federation does not itself have such a good reputation when it comes to elections - so one should not be suprised at this. Russia is of course concerned about its big arms and nuclear contracts

It is important for the Bangladesh government to have Russia's support - as otherwise it was looking very isolated indeed, with only the Indian government supporting it.

To see the statements of other countries

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