Sunday, January 12, 2014

Most ministers 'elected' in uncontested pols

Now this is truly wonderful!

25 out of the 29* full ministers in the cabinet became members of parliament in uncontested 'elections'. That is to say there was no person to stand against them and there was no election in their constituency.

Only 4 ministers actually became an MP through an 'election'. These ones were:

- Mustafizur Rahman Fizar - elected with what EC said was 27% of turnout in Dinajpur 5
  (Primary and mass education)

- Emajuddin Pramanik        - elected with what EC said was 27 % of turnout in Naogaon 4
  (Textile and Jute)

- Sayedul Haque                 - elected with what EC said was 41% of turnout in Brahmanbaria 1
  (Fisheries, Livestock)

- Matiya Chowdhury          - elected with what EC said was 56% of turnout

If you look at the whole cabinet, including state ministers - 31 out of 49 ministers became MPs through uncontested elections.

I am feeling a little breathless!

* Correction: This has been corrected to 25 out of 29

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  1. Formation of Neo-Bakshal regime; nothing else. This is the example of absence of intra-party democracy ; which should be of prime importance to establish democracy in a country. I think, the UN should clarify which country should be called a democratic country. Dr.Sakil