Sunday, January 12, 2014

The government's loyal opposition

Now brace yourself - and you will need to having read my last post on the 'unelected' ministers.

Now moving to the government's 'loyal' opposition.

Perhaps a little bit too loyal.

Remember the Jatiya party. It has been named as the official opposition. It received 33 seats in parliament.

Its new leader Raushan Ershad - appointed as leader so it seems by the Awami League itself - has been made leader of the opposition.

However not only is the Jatiya party playing the part of the official opposition, but it also has been given three ministers:
- Anisul Islam Mahmud (water resources) - full minister
- Mashiur Rahman Ranga (local government) - state minister
- Mujibul Haque Chunnu (labour and employment) - state minister

And of course General Ershad himself (recently detained by the government at an army hospital) becoming the prime minister's special envoy.

This is of course is how democracy should be!

Perhaps though the most successful party is Jatiya party (Monju). It won one seat, Monju's seat. Literally given to him, as most of the seats were of course, by the Awami League as an uncontested seat. And he has become minister for the environment. Well done him!

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